If social media hasn't changed the way you do business, we hope you have a plan B.

A negative review can go viral online and apps like Yelp give voice to amateur critics who can impact sales.

Three out of four consumers turn to an online review site when they are looking for a place to eat and the most popular ones have historical database that track every review.

You can no longer ignore the cacophony of voices on the Internet if you are in the service industry and you shouldn’t want to–there are estimates that each additional ratings star rating on a Yelp! review translates to a revenue increase between 5% and 9%.

Food + Beverage Intelligence offers proactive solutions. We objectively investigate your bar, restaurant, nightclub or hotel and analyze the factors that influence the guest experience. We use covert observation techniques to help you get ahead of issues before they are broadcast on Trip Advisor and bring to bear next-level operational expertise to make every guest an evangelist.

What We Do

We work with clients at every stage of the business cycle from just opened to established locations in need of a reset. Every program is 100% customized.


Our industry experts evaluate all aspects of service, staffing, atmosphere, food and pricing using a combination of interviews, undercover surveillance and direct observation under a variety of circumstances. We conduct a thorough social media audit and examine your online presence.


We will present our results to you and your management team in person and provide clear, in-depth reports detailing identified issues with verifiable time and date stamps for unannounced visits using TruePicâ„¢ technology. Solid solutions will be outlined and any associated costs will be defined.


Our highly experienced members will work directly with you and your staff to rectify the detected issues based upon a customized action plan with solutions scaled for your budget, size and level of service. Your team will learn how to identify unsatisfied customers and diffuse issues before they leave the premises.

Unparalleled Reporting

We have identified the critiques and accolades most often cited by both professional and amateur reviewers to inform highly detailed evaluation checklists. Tailored items for each client take into account service style, price point, clientele and regional differences to deliver the most comprehensive, relevant set of data points in our reports.

Staff Performance

Your staff has the most interaction with your patrons. Our team will observe and report on these interactions. Both positive and negative interactions are noted.

Noise & music levels

Often overlooked, but most critical in determining a guest's repeat visits are the noise and music levels compared with the establishment's intended demographic.

Ambience & lighting

A trained professional from our staff will review the guest's experience as it relates to the look, feel, and overall visit to your establishment.

Sanitation levels

All areas of the front of the house are checked and thoroughly noted for general cleanliness.

Seating wait times

Seating wait times can point to a trendy hot spot or be the result of poor planning, staff laziness or improper training. Our experienced team knows the difference.

Food & drink presentation

Presentation is everything. Make sure the Instagram photos of your food and drink become advertisements and not embarrassments.

Make Social Media Work For You

An amateur critique online can have a negative impact on business, but an Instagram photo of a favorite dish from your restaurant on a celebrity’s page can also incite instant traffic.

Food + Beverage Intelligence navigates this ever-changing universe, helps you avoid common pitfalls and get ahead of trends before your competition.

You will learn how to respond to online criticism and counteract negative reviews, and ways to engage customers throughout their experience at your establishment by creating compelling visual touch points at every stage of their visit to foster social media sharing.

Additional Services

Many clients choose an ongoing maintenance plan following initial service and execution of the action plan. FBI also offers:

Social media monitoring

24 hour monitoring of online presence, including review sites, social media and comment sections. Service includes supplementary FBI online newsletter highlighting industry trends, competitor news and best practices.

Staffing consultation

Staffing is the number one issue cited by managers and owners in the hospitality industry. FBI offers hiring and training support and management training sessions for new hires.

Multiple location evaluations

FBI will visit multiple locations, applying additional criteria to evaluate brand consistency across food, design, service and atmosphere standards and identify cross-venue efficiencies.

Routine check-ups

FBI will dispatch an undercover consultant to your venue at varying intervals to ensure staff compliance of installed protocols. We will send proof of visit and provide a report detailing findings.


Experienced law enforcement and security experts will evaluate entry and exit points, bag check procedures and advise on any sort of needed security staff.

Industry Experience

Don't Let Someone's Witty Review Affect Your Bottom Line

FBI Founder Robert Watman was the visionary behind nationwide concept clubs Culture Club, Polly Esther’s and Nerve Ana. He understands the challenges of maintaining standards across brands with more than 30 locations.

A global team of experts from establishments renowned for high service standards rounds out the FBI team and they are called in to consult on their areas of expertise.